About Stat Processing Inc.

Nickel Plating Services


Leadership Team

Stat Processing Inc. was started in 1983 by Niels V. Harpsoe and has provided quality plating services for more than 30 years. 

Harpsoe graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1964 with the North American equivalent of a PhD in Engineering.  Harpsoe joined General Electric in 1965 in Schenecdaty, NY as part of the GE engineering management training program. During his 23 year tenure at GE Harpsoe oversaw all aspects of the GE plating operations in Louisville, Kentucky and rose to Vice President of Operations for GE Appliance. 

After a successful career with GE, Harpsoe used his background in manufacturing and plating to break out on his own and establish Stat Processing. Harpsoe’s experience at GE allowed him to apply Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing principles to Stat Processing’s operations.

Stat Processing was built on three principles that Harpsoe held in high regard.

  1. Quality – Ensure our clients receive the best service and products we can provide
  2. Speed – We are committed to meeting your fast turnaround expectations
  3. Price – Our low overhead and efficient operations create value for our clients

Harpsoe’s legacy lives on today with Stat Processing remaining a family owned operation. In 2012, Jason Greiner and Carey Tapp were chosen by the Harpsoe family to maintain Harpsoe’s vision for the business and service to our customers.